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Best-selling Social Media Author, Speaker, and Online Consultant Lindsay Dicks has shared the stage with the greatest legends in Social Media. She now reveals her in-depth Social Media secrets to guarantee you Social Media success.

Are you missing out on the Social Media Revolution that's taken marketing by storm? Social Media is how you get the attention of people who don't know you, and take advantage of the most successful form of advertising: Word of Mouth.

The keyboard is mightier than the sword in today's world, and you're missing out on BIG Profits if you don't take advantage of it.


BE WARNED: You can learn about Social Media anywhere. You can Google “Social Media Marketing” and come up with a whole list of so-called “experts” that have lots of theories about using the Social Media Revolution in your business. Just be aware that Theory doesn’t make Money.

If you’ll give me just a few minutes of your time, I’m going to explain to you how I can show you not only WHY you need to use Social Media in your business, but how to quickly implement it so you can start making A LOT MORE MONEY.

Even better, I’ll do all of this in 5 SIMPLE MODULES!


I’ve put together a Quick-Start Guide for business owners just like you that will show you exactly how to use Social Media profitably in your business.

You’ll get every bit of Quick-Start Need-to-Know Information about incorporating Social Media Marketing into your business. My business partner Nick Nanton and I had an in-depth MasterMind conversation that covered things like:

  •  Why you must know — and care — about Social Media Marketing to begin with
  •  What “transparency” means for YOUR business and the problems it causes if you don’t understand it
  •  The difference between Campaigns and Conversations and why that difference is important to know


This module covers Social Bookmarking, which allows visitors to your website or blog to share your content with others.

I not only explain Social Bookmarking in Module 2, I also cover:

  • How to start a Blog for your business that INSTANTLY creates rapport with your targeted customers and helps you earn the trust of your customers so you can make more money!
  • In-depth explanations of HOW to get started using Social Bookmarking (something most of the “experts” seem to conveniently skip over!) so you can produce the kind of content that is going to generate the most attention from people who want your products or services.
  • Which Social Bookmarking platforms will help you explode your business and which ones are just a big waste of time.


In Module 3, Nick and I unlock the secret to the Social Media Behemoth, Twitter.

Find out:

  •  The best explanation we’ve ever heard of exactly WHAT Twitter is and how you can effectively use Twitter in your business (and how those that don’t will get left behind)
  •  The Cardinal Rules of Twitter success you MUST follow to get business from Twitter (and why those who aren’t are using the rules fail),
  •  A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started on Twitter so you can begin making money from Twitter today!


Next, you’ll learn how using Social Video sites like YouTube, can bring you more customers and skyrocket your profits.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world – what kind of profits are waiting for you and your business?


In this module, you’ll discover:

  •  Actual examples of how to use video, the most productive tool on the internet today, to promote your product
  •  The things that make videos Viral, letting your list promote you to their friends, doing your work for you!
  •  The things to avoid when creating videos (these mistakes can cost you money!)…


What Social Media information would be complete without a guide on how to use Facebook?

Everyone who’s anyone has a Facebookaccount. In fact, if Facebook were a country, it would be the 7th-most populated country in the world. There are more Facebook users, than people in Germany. And users average 19.5 minutes a day spent solely on Facebook (an average website gets a visit that lasts10 seconds).

I have been using Facebook since 2005 and I have seen its growth into the major Social Media force and powerful marketing tool it’s become today. Any successful marketer has a Facebook Fan Page or runs their own Group.

In this module on using Facebook for Social Media Marketing, you’ll find out:

  •  The difference between a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook fan page—and which is best for you and your business so you can reap the business benefits of Facebook.
  •  How you can engage people so your Facebook page or profile automatically attracts new prospects.
  •  How Facebook Ads perform better—and are less expensive—than Google Pay-Per-Click

I know that everyone learns differently, so I’ve put each of these lessons in different formats so you can be sure to gain every morsel of information that we’ve got for you. You’ll get Audio, Video AND Transcripts of each conversation that Nick and I have – all 5 modules! You can download the audio and read along, or watch the video and take notes.

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Yes, I know my Quick-Start Social Media Modules are worth more than the $97 investment. I have been told by some of the biggest marketers in the country they are even worth a lot more than that. But I have a reason to give you all of this value. And better yet, I am going to give you even more more!

The Social Media Quick-Start Modules Are Just the Beginning…

You’re Also Going to Get…

Next, Social Media Legend Peter Shankman will walk you through “Social Media Secrets: How to Get 100,000 People To Care About What You Have to Say.”

Peter’s PR and Social Media clients include Snapple, NASA, Walt Disney World, American Express and Harrah’s Hotels, just to name a few. He built his list to over 100,000 people in about 14 months using Social Media… suffice to say, he knows a little bit about using Social Media profitably. Peter shared his secrets to success at our Celebrity Branding Experience held recently in New York City. This presentation was EXCLUSIVE to our Celebrity Branding Clients who pay $24,000 to be a part of the experience.

We’ve broken down Peter’s powerful talk into 3 easy-to-digest modules and given you Audio, Video and Transcripts so that you can follow along in whatever way you choose.

First, Peter will talk to you about the WRONG way to use Social Media, give you an example of exactly what NOT to do to build your list using all the available sites out there. He’ll talk to you about why you can’t simply make “Viral” media, and instead he’ll tell you what to do to really catch people’s attention.

In the second part of “Social Media Secrets,” Peter will give you an example of exactly HOW Social Media will make your business money, and WHY so many marketers have jumped on board, with an example that everyone who’s ever seen a movie can understand.

He also takes you through his actual Facebook page and shows you the ONE thing that he does every single day to help build his list and keep it responsive. You can follow along with the audio or video, or you can read about it and take notes… easy as pie!

In the very beginning of the third installment, Peter shows you EXACTLY why Twitter can help make or break your business, showing you why you need to not only control your own Social Media efforts but how Social Media affects the rest of your business as well.

You don’t have to pay $24,000 to hear Peter’s presentation like our Celebrity Branding Clients. In fact, if you could keep it a secret that I’m giving this information to you as a bonus in my new $97, it would keep me out of the doghouse with the people that were there.

I would be completely comfortable charging more than $97 for the Quick-Start Social Media Guide OR Peter’s Presentation, and I’m sure a lot of smart Marketers would take me up on it. But if there’s one thing that Social Media has taught us, it’s that the more value you deliver, more confidence people learn to have in what you say. My goal is not just to sell you this product no mater how good it is or how much value you will receive. My goal is to build that solid relationship with you long term. I know that if I can show you how to use social media to make money you will look to me for more value and answers to you internet marketing and PR and social media questions.

Click Below to Get Everything You Need to Know to Use Social Media In Your Business For A
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You’ll also get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a video recording of a presentation by Nick and I talking about the 15 Things That Your Website Must Have to Make You Money – you’ll discover MORE, updated information than we included in our Special Report: the “live” tidbits and tricks that weren’t included when we wrote the report.

But Wait! What Would An Offer Be Without Incredible Bonuses?!

First, I’ll give you a presentation from my good friend and SEO GURU Brian Horn (known as the “Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon” for his involvement in the Glazer-Kennedy Social Media Marketing) at The Social Media Summit Billionaire Boardroom Experience.

Brian has built a career advising the top minds in marketing on how to come up on the first page of Google, but in this session we convinced him to open up about his new secret weapon: Facebook ads.

Brian’s presentation will literally blow your mind on how Facebook ads can help you find the perfect client for your business, whether you know who that person is or not. Imagine being able to know all of the common factors in your best clients, like what books they read, what their favorite bands are and what their hobbies are. If you knew that, wouldn’t it be easy to find some more clients! Brian’s presentation will help you discover how Facebook can tell you all of this and more!

I’ll give you exclusive access to the video of Brian’s presentation that attendees paid $2,995 EACH to attend.

Click Below to Get Everything You Need to Know to Use Social Media In Your Business For A
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And I’m Still Not Done…

Next, at that same Social Media Summit Billionaire Boardroom Experience, where attendees paid $2995, my other good friend David Bullock spoke about Barack Obama’s success with social media and how it impacted the presidential election in ’08.

David Bullock, co-author of Barack 2.0, brings an engineer’s perspective to social media. His focus is helping businesses drive sales and his method is to view social media as tools in his kit – tools that can bring measurable results.

David’s presentation sheds new light on social media and takes an in-depth look at how Social Media impacts today’s businesses. In my opinion, this one presentation is worth the cost of the entire cost of the Quick- Start.

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But That’s Still Not All…

Continuing your education is essential to staying on top of the Marketing Game.   

  • To build proper irresistible value, I’m going to give you my personal addition. I’m going to give you a FREE Website Review by me personally (a $995.00 Value) to find out how your web site can make you MORE money and work harder for you.
  • Finally, you’ll also get a private 1-on-1 Strategy with myself (a $1,495.00 Value) to develop your own, personal Social Media plan to get your list and business moving.

WHEW! I know that’s a lot of stuff. Let me summarize for you everything you’ll get for your measly $97 investment:

  • Social Media Quick-Start with 5 Modules (a $297.00 Value):
    • Introduction to Social Media
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
  • Peter Shankman’s 3-Part Presentation on Social Media (a $297.00 Value)
  • “15 Social Media Essentials Your Website MUST Have To Make You Money” Presentation Video (a $97.00 Value)
  • BONUS Presentation Video of Brian Horn (The Glazer-Kennedy Secret Weapon) (a $297.00 Value)
  • BONUS Presentation Video of David Bullock (a $297.00 Value)
  • FREE Website Review (a $995.00 Value)
  • Social Media 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Lindsay Dicks (a $1,495.00 Value)

For just the materials you get with the Social Media Quick Start Package,
That’s a WHOPPING $3775.00 Value!

I’m offering it to you at only $97 for a limited time so that you have NO reason to not get started TODAY. This is only a special introductory offer and the price could be raised at ANY time, without notice… so delaying will only cost you more money.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Lindsay Dicks

P.S. Don’t forget, there’s absolutely NO risk. If you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a 100%, No-Hassles Refund. Simple as that.

Click Below to Get Everything You Need to Know to Use Social Media In Your Business For A
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P.P.S. Hesitating is like cutting a hole in your pocket and stuffing it full of dollar bills – a sure way to lose money. Every second you let tick by is a second that you could be using the Internet to MAKE MORE MONEY. You have a Risk-Free Guarantee… what do you have to lose?