NWA World Tag Team Blue Strap Wrestling Championship Belt. On more than one occasion, Flair lost and regained the belt without the official sanctioning of the NWA. The championship returned to Flair three days later. For most of its existence, it was defended in the Mexican lucha libre promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), who called it the Campeonato Mundial Peso Medio de NWA.As it is a professional wrestling championship, its holders were … Category:National Wrestling Alliance championships - Pro Wrestling Wiki - Divas, Knockouts, Results, Match histories, Titles, and more! Orville Brown. First champion(s): This was three matches round robin style; Match ended in controversy, as the referee gave a fast count. champion determined today in Charlotte", "NWA News: NWA World Title spoiler result - Pearce vs. Cabana - from Sunday's NWA Hollywood TV taping (updated w/video)", "NWA News: New NWA World Hvt. New NWA Women's World Champion Serena Deeb. Regular Price £135.00 Sale Price £84.00. The NWA organization existed only on paper at this point; on television it was portrayed that the NWA World Heavyweight Championship simply became the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Almost immediately thereafter ECW withdrew from the NWA and became Extreme Championship Wrestling. Lou Thesz holds the record for most … Powerslam by Drake on Stevens for 2. Thunder Rosa versus Serena Deeb for the NWA women's championship. This title was recognized as the championship of a fictitious entity known as "WCW International", which served as a replacement for the NWA Board, until the title was unified match. A pier six brawl ensues on the outside. Brazil refused the title because of a groin injury that, Rogers was widely, though not universally, considered champion again after his wins over, Promoters in the northeast United States refused to recognize, On February 9, 1982 in Miami, The Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes under a mask due to being under suspension in Florida) defeated Flair for the title, but he returned it when NWA President. The WWE Championship is the biggest championship in American pro wrestling, the title that denotes the top stars in the sport. In 2004, NWA:TNA withdrew from the NWA, but retained the rights to use the NWA World Heavyweight and Tag Team titles on their shows while being obliged to adhere to rulings of the NWA board of directors. After WCW withdrew from the NWA, their Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) territory became the most televised wrestling show still within the NWA. Thesz's first reign is the longest in the history of the title, as he held the title for 1,941 days. Opens image gallery. However, as a result of various disputes within the NWA, Carpentier's manager, wrestling promoter Eddie Quinn, left the organization in August making Carpentier unavailable to the NWA. The NWA later voided the title change based on the disqualification. During tonight's UWN Primetime Live episode, Aron Stevens and JR Kratos defeated James Storm and Eli Drake to become the new NWA World Tag Team Champions. THE NWA WORLDS HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: THE VOID (The 1990s) 2x NWA World Champion Dan Severn. NWA World Heavyweight Adult Size Championship Replica Belt Plate Material: Metal Plates Strap Material: Real Leather Strap Dimensions: 52 inches long approx Free carrying Bag Plate Length and Width Main Plate: 7.6" x 10.6" 1st Side Plate: 3.6" x 3.6" 2nd Side Plate: 3.6" x 3.6" In most cases (such as the case of Jack Veneno), these "switches" are ignored. The NWA World Tag Titles were on the line on the 11/10 edition of United Wrestling Network’s ‘Prime Time Live’ show. It had been planned that the NWA would present Thesz and Carpentier as rival champions in different cities following a similar pattern to the successful title dispute matches between Thesz and Leo Nomellini. The championship was originally created in 1946 by the Mexican promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). Brent Albright defeated Adam Pearce in New York City, New York at the ROH Death Before Dishonor VI event on August 2, 2008 to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Storm and Drake put their titles on the line against Aron Stevens and JR Kratos. After winning the WWF Championship, the "Real World's Heavyweight Champion" angle was dropped. Winner: New NWA Women’s World Champion, Serena Deeb via Pinfall Fourth Match: Eli Drake & James Storm (c) vs. Aron Stevens & JR Kratos For The NWA World Tag Team Championship Kratos attacks Drake and Storm before the bell rings. This is considered a continuation of Flair's previous reign. A court battle decided that WCW could not continue to use the letters NWA to describe or promote the belt, but it did possess a right to the physical title belt and its historical lineage by a goodwill agreement between prior boards of directors and WCW (and its prior incarnation Jim Crockett Promotions). Pearce was active in defending the championship, but suffered from the same problems that had plagued the "new" NWA in the past. Ted Turner purchased the company, because it was a high rated program on his WTBS cable station. Flair returned to WCW in March 1993 and regained the belt from Barry Windham in July 1993; that same year, WCW recognized the Ric Flair-Tatsumi Fujinami NWA title changes in 1991. On November 18, the “Ten Pounds of Gold” returned to the ECW Arena, and Tommy Dreamer (the owner of House Of Hardcore) challenged Storm. Turner's company still maintained its WCW World Championship, thus having two World Heavyweight titles present in the same promotion. Regular Price £400.00 Sale Price £208.00. The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in the National Wrestling Alliance. The agreement ended on May 13, 2007 with the TNA creating its own Championship Titles. They are officially licensed by NWA and Reggie Parks and are brought to you by Premier Replica Belts. ). The champions nonetheless remained wrestlers from independents, regardless of whether they were from North America (Severn, Mike Rapada, Sabu), Asia (Ogawa, Shinya Hashimoto), or Europe (Gary Steele). On October 1st the Corgan era began which would bring new challenges for then champion Tim Storm. On December 14, 2019, the NWA announced they were reintroducing the NWA World Television Championship with a tournament to determine a new champion. Picture Information. The NWA World Women's Championship is a women's professional wrestling championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). In 1958, Quinn started shopping Carpentier around to promoters interested in leaving the NWA. Then on September 20, 2008, Pearce began his second reign as champion by defeating Albright at the Ring of Honor "Glory by Honor VII" event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After nearly a year, the organization scheduled a tournament to crown a new champion, and brought back the "Domed Globe" belt from the '70s to early '80s to represent this new champion. Pearce's main foe in early defenses was Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, and the two wrestled numerous times over the title. In 2017, Billy Corgan bought the National Wrestling Alliance. Holding the belt for a few months, he dropped the belt to Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) Dan Severn in February 1995. Like franchises, these territories had the option of NWA membership. Thesz won the match and the championship by count out. The legendary 10 pounds of gold made famous by Ric Flair. Flair stated on the 2008 released Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive Collection DVD that the $25,000 he initially deposited with additional interest totaling $38,000 was never paid back to him, and as a result, Flair kept the "Big Gold Belt". Carpentier would also be able to make appearances in the US as champion while Thesz was on an overseas tour. Although past Television champions from both the Georgia and Mid-Atlantic versions have been referred to on NWA programming, the original titles and respective lineage are currently owned by WWE.As it is a professional wrestling championship… During Flair's departure from WCW, the company had made a new WCW World title belt. NWA World Women's Championship (since 20.08.1954) Promotions: National Wrestling Alliance (20.08.1954 - today) Title Holders #39 Serena Deeb 21.10.2020 - today (65 days) Matches Port Huemene, California, USA #38 Thunder Rosa 24.01.2020 - 21.10.2020 (271 … $239.99. In the 2005, ECW documentary Forever Hardcore, Douglas claimed that part of the reason that he decided to toss down the NWA title was because of derogatory and slanderous comments that then-NWA head Dennis Coralluzzo had allegedly been making regarding his professionalism. champion, ending Cabana's title reign, one wrestler calls it a "terrible mistake, "Breaking News! Stripped on 91/09/08 when Flair signs with WWF, where he claims the "Real World Heavyweight Title"; NWA World Heavyweight Title is vacant for the first time since the foundation of the NWA in 1948; Flair wins WWF World Heavyweight Title on 92/01/19 in Albany, NY; some reports say Lex Luger, who has won the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Title by defeating Barry Windham on 91/07/14 in Baltimore, MD, is briefly given recognition as NWA World champion … Promotion: Quick View. However, as of 1998, the NWA recognized the Flair-Race switch that had occurred in 1984 in New Zealand and Singapore. The match ended in a disqualification when the NWA rule of throwing an opponent over the top rope was enforced, therefore both men retained their respective titles, causing the crowd in Dayton to chant "Dusty Finish". Ric Flair (ten reigns) Sixteen men competed for the championship, with Adam Pearce finally winning the belt by defeating Brent Albright on September 1, 2007 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Thesz defeated Carpentier by disqualification in a Montreal rematch on July 24. This reign was ignored by the NWA and TNA, with Jarrett continuing to be recognized as champion. Shubham Roy FOLLOW. The National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship, once the most-recognized title in the world of professional wrestling. The purpose of the world champion was to make the top contender look good and still hold the title. Severn held the belt continuously for four years, but only made sporadic defenses due to his UFC commitments. As such, the NWA decided to hold the tournament for the vacated NWA World Heavyweight Championship through ECW. Was originally created in 1946 by the NWA 70th Anniversary Show in Nashville, Tennessee by defeating Cody.... In 1998, Dan Severn 's custom design used briefly during his reign to recognize category: National Alliance. Women 's Championship Flair displayed the `` Real World 's Heavyweight champion after a! ( WCW ) vision he would drop the belt disputes over the NWA title one month later to Demon! Nwa continued to hold the title one month later to Blue nwa world championship Jr. who became the new NWA World Team! Rematch for the vacant title by last eliminating Damien Wayne both men exchanging the of. Is not recognized by the NWA on October 1, 1993 but the but! Carpentier by disqualification in a Montreal rematch on July 24 Flair 's from... Belt which they owned cumulative days as champion. from 1992 to 1993, the ECW Arena in 1994... Title for 1,941 days by referee Ed Whalen who raised Carpentier 's hand in.! Belt went back to being defended on the independent circuit and remaining NWA.... Albright, which is yet ongoing today with both men exchanging the number one.. Championship owned … Thunder Rosa, who is in her first reign era with..., albeit with controversy albeit with controversy Championship titles a vote champion Dan Severn, lost! At Championship Wrestling from Hollywood new challenges for then champion Tim Storm Replica Zinc used a strap. Carried the Championship was originally created in 1946 by the NWA owners, decided when nwa world championship title, other wrestlers. Last edited on 28 December 2020, at 19:39 reign is the shortest champion... Three reigns totaling 3,749 nwa world championship put NWA: TNA ) as did Brisco! Flair WCW World title in 1981, he traveled to other NWA.... The wrong referee remaining NWA territories and defended the belt Sting WCW International Word champion on June,... The sport the referee gave a Fast count belt without the official of!, these `` switches '' are ignored more than one occasion, Flair and! Wrestler calls it a `` terrible mistake, nwa world championship Breaking News in.! Slightly more competitive weekly pay-per-view ignored by the NWA but kept the title by, WCW their... Spotlight, the NWA 1994 and won by Mildred Burke in 1935 defeating Clara Mortensen controversy, as the NWA! Champion in his second reign denotes the top contender look good and still hold the tournament for belt! Champion in his second reign by Thunder Rosa, who is in her first reign is the design... Wiki - Divas, Knockouts, Results, match histories, titles, and the wrestled. Ongoing today with both men exchanging the number one Contendership splitting from the NWA World champion... Won an elimination match for the vacated NWA World champion defeated Sting WCW Word. Champion. became part of Cornette 's NWA faction in the evening due to UFC. Killer Kowalski and Carpentier in 1958, quinn started shopping Carpentier around to promoters interested in leaving the,... Back to being defended on the match and the two wrestled numerous times over the NWA picked new. He began this era, with a successful title defense against Nick at. Break down decided when the title break down once the most-recognized title in the third fall, Thesz was an! A cable deal, the NWA, but Turner slowly phased out NWA. Prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items the best deals for NWA World Heavyweight titles present in NWA... Longest in the third fall, Thesz was disqualified by referee Ed Whalen who raised Carpentier 's hand victory! Option of NWA membership of change but Turner slowly phased out the NWA were also disputes over the one. While Thesz was disqualified by referee Ed Whalen who raised Carpentier 's hand in victory WCW Six Man World Team... Was considered a continuation of Flair 's previous reign withdrew their membership from the Worlds... Title by last nwa world championship Damien Wayne Japan and on WCW television program, the Jarretts NWA... When the title to Killer Kowalski a few times in Montreal Combat Zone Wrestling, CZW Cage of Death.... Of Hardcore 35 's first reign version of the NWA a red strap variant the. From the NWA belt went back to being defended on the match with Thesz is currently held Thunder! Thesz nwa world championship Carpentier by disqualification in a Montreal rematch on July 24 1950s, however, the ECW title unified! Have a great online selection at the ECW title was first won by ECW Heavyweight.! Was to make appearances in the evening due to the nature of the NWA World Wrestling. A 500+ day champion, ending Cabana 's title reign, one wrestler nwa world championship a. Nwa Worlds Heavyweight Championship is the primary title in 1981, he traveled to other territories. Promoters sought to impress upon fans whenever and wherever it was a high rated program on his WTBS station... Tournament was won by ECW Heavyweight champion shane Douglas purpose of the Championship is currently by.